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60 gallon air compressorI have searched the manufacturers and I have come up with some of the top 60 gallon Air Compressor units available on the market today. Having a 60 Gallon capacity tank is great if you use lots of continuous duty tools like grinders, sanders and air chisels and paint spray guns which require high CFM ratings. If your work involves intermittent use tools like nailers, air ratchets, tire inflators,cutoff tools, air chisels, air ratchets, impact wrenches, air drills etc. You probably don’t need this much compressor. But having the extra capacity is never a bad thing and you will always be happy you have it. You will be able to find a complete line of air compressors from the smallest to the largest by browsing thru our store, searching with the keyword box or browse by Air Compressor brand on the right side bar.

Good Features to Have on your 60 Gallon Air compressor

Some of things you should look for when buying a 60 gallon compressor is a cast iron pump body. The Campbell Hausfeld VT6275, one of the of the air compressors on my list has this. Its not necessary but for the price its a excellent benefit. Many others in this price range use aluminum with iron inserts which won’t provide the same longevity. Other things you should look for when evaluating a 60 Gallon air compressor, is to be sure that it is has a smooth, quiet operation,. look specifically for a well placed readable pressure gauge, a large 3/4″ air outlet, handy sight window for oil level, small belt cage and easily accessible drain cock. The drain cock is towards the bottom. So its important when mounting many of these models that you bolt it down but make sure it is raised up on blocks or spacers to allow you to easy get to the drainage. It is necessary to drain these periodically as specified if you want it to last for a while.

Powering your 60 Gallon Air Compressor

Air compressors of this capacity are generally 220 volts. So that will necessitate a electrician to possibly rewire your garage or area for 220v. If you have a formal shop then this electrical supply probably already exists. But if this is for a home workshop. You may have to consider hiring a electrician to run a line from your main electrical box. For some a temporary solution could be to wire a plug on 220V wire and run it through maybe into into a laundry room area or A/C area that may already have 220V. A 60 Gallon Air compressor is air an excellent step up from the smaller units. ! It will definitely fill the need for many that have a small workshop or just need it for their home garage. Most are reasonably quiet given its capacity and size. These compressors should run just about any power tool. Before buying tools for this tank or a tank for your tools . Its a good idea to check the CFM rating to be sure both are compatible. Some larger tools like a Paint Sprayer may require the tank to cycle and re-pressurize. So you definitely want to evaluate the specs on both the tools and the compressor before mating them. Just be sure to check the SCFM of what tools you want to use against the air compressors rating.

Installation of your 60 Gallon Air Compressor

You may want to leave it bolted to the shipping pallet and have it sit in a corner of your garage or work area. But the better way would be to mount the unit on the Grainger isolators which gives you plenty of room under the unit to reach the drain and place a drain pan. So the bottom line is this…this is a solid unit that operates quietly, and has plenty of power and will last 20 years if properly maintained. A downside over some of the cheaper units is that you’ll need to provide your own electrical cord, air regulator and plumbing from the tank. For example on the Campbell Hausfeld’s 60 gallon Air Compressor. you can buy a vertical compressor mount kit direct from their website for about $11. It comes with rubber and metal plates, as well as lag screws and lag shields to safely mount the unit to the floor. I would recommend a flexible pipe to make the connection from the compressor tank. But its recommended that you install a ball shutoff valve for drainage. Most of the Air compressor manuals make little mention of the additional plumbing required other than a recommendation of the installation of a shut-off valve. Fortunately, Campbell Hausefeld has a helpful video to help with the setup on their 60 Gallon Air compressor.

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60 Gallon Air Compressor Units

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